“Dissectologist” – A person who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly

Introducing Insect Dissectology a unique art form and medium created by Fiona Parkinson during her years completing her degree and masters in fine art, each piece is hand crafted from expertly preserved specimens.

Visit www.fionaparkinson.com for more about Fiona Parkinson, Dissectology, exhibitions and more…

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How to make Fiona’s Cabinet…

Step One

Take one wonderful, energetic, creative, inventive, quite frankly just quite clever artist who’s head pops and fizzes with ideas and has to keep a notepad by the bed!
(that’s Fiona, you can read more about her and her work at: http://www.fionaparkinson.com)

Step Two

Add one boyfriend who thinks what she does is amazing, is slightly twiddling his thumbs at work and wants something else to get his teeth into (and wants Fiona to get the credit she deserves!)
(that’s Jon)

Step Three

Put them together in a bowl (or house), whisk them around a bit (gently please!) and a small pinch of dog, a few pinches of child and wait…

Step Four

and wait… (surely they’ll do something eventually!)

Step Five

and eat…

oh, and share with other people – that’s the fun bit!