If there is anything else please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you and help if we can!

If you are looking for information on Editions, Releases and Pricing CLICK HERE

How can I order one? (ordering)

Well… here is a good place!

This is Fiona’s site (with a little help from Jon) and the best place to get her work is here, direct from the artist. We currently ship to the UK, EU, AUS and USA but if you’re elsewhere do drop us an email and we can quote!

  • Items in stock, are usually be dispatched within 1 week.
  • Items on back-order, are usually shipped within 2-4 weeks .

You can order and pay by:

  • Card (processed by PayPal)
  • Paypal Account
  • Bank Transfer
  • Payment Plan

You can also often catch Fiona exhibiting in the UK, or contact us if you’d prefer to enquire ‘offline’

How does it get to me? (shipping)

Almost all the works here can be ordered online and shipped to you (practically) anywhere.

We allow ordering through the site with fixed shipping to the UK, EU, AUS and USA, if you’re elsewhere we’d love to send you a piece but will just need to check the shipping costs.

We use reputable international couriers (usually FedEx), however if you’re ordering in the UK you may be lucky enough to have it hand delivered by Fiona herself! 🙂

We’ve gotten pretty good at shipping fragile things, so all items come to you double boxed in double walled boxes with bubble wrap and loose fill chips… there’s usually some goodies in the box too!


We’ve shipped many pieces of Fiona’s work to many parts of the globe and we’ve got pretty good at it. However if your piece gets damaged in transit we’re here to help!

All pieces are insured, so don’t worry about the cost. If you are unfortunate enough to receive damaged goods then please take photos of the item and packaging damage and send to us as soon as possible.

Sometimes we can help you repair the piece remotely, but if you’re uncomfortable with this then don’t worry, we will either arrange a return and repair or replacement piece.

One way or another, we’ll get you sorted, for us it is all about you being happy and getting your piece of art!

What's this about Payment Plans?

We’re keen for as many people as possible to be able to purchase Fiona’s work and our Payment Plans provide another way of you doing so!

If you’d like to save towards the cost of a piece, prefer to just put something aside when you can, or would just like to spread the cost monthly then this option may be for you.

How it works:

Simply put, you let us know what you want and over how long you want to spread the payments. We send you a part payment invoice and then email you each month to remind you to make your payment.

For more information, or to apply for a plan, CLICK HERE

Pricing, Editions and Releases?

All original artworks sold here are limited edition pieces made by Fiona.

Read more about Editions, Releases and Pricing here…

Are they for real?!

Yes, of course!

All of Fiona’s artworks are made from real specimens, they are expertly preserved, cut and mounted with a handful of pins or mounts.

That’s it (unless otherwise stated in the descriptions!)

What are the framing options?

We’ve spent some time carefully finding frames we believe present Fiona’s work in the best way, whilst also allowing us to maintain reasonable shipping and pricing costs.

Information about which frame is used by standard for each piece can be found in the details of each product:

  • Handmade Wooden Frames:
    The vast majority of our pieces come in handmade wooden frames with anti-glare glass. The deep moulding used has been selected by Fiona to go with the work and is usually available in White or Black.
  • Moulded Lightweight Frames now with art glass!
    Some smaller pieces (sized 25x20cm) come in cleanly designed, good looking, moulded frames which are lightweight, strong and allow us to maintain low shipping costs to anywhere. They come with anti-glare art glass to protect your work, and are usually available in Black or White

Or, you can do your own thing!

We realise some customers will want to do their own thing, or have us do something different for them, something that fits with their collection. Just ask and we’ll do all we can to accommodate your needs.

Looking after your artwork

Many of the specimens here are very fraglie both in life and death, but they are suprisingly durable and robust!

Now I’m not going to say that we’ve dropped them… but… well ok it has happened and generally they’re fine… so you shouldn’t need to worry too much about them hanging on your wall.

The only thing we would recommend is that you dont expose them to temperatures in excess of 35-40C as some of the techniques in preservation can be effected above that level. (just don’t put them in a window probably!)

Where do the specimens come from?

Fiona has worked with the same international suppliers for many years. They source specimens for research and museum purposes from projects around the world, these establishments dictate ethical guidelines.

Butterfly projects are generally established as a source of income for a community who live local to a habitat containing desirable species. Working with these communities enables them to make money working with the environment rather than against it, thus protecting the indigenous population of animals and providing beautiful specimens for us to work with.

We’re not insensitive (at all) to peoples concerns around lepidoptery and more broadly around taxidermy and in many ways this is the reason Fiona came to work with this medium. You can read more about this on her website or please do contact us.

Who's this Fiona?

Fiona is an artist based in Stratford on Avon in the UK. Her work combines traditional taxidermy and preservation techniques with her own methods to create timeless pieces from specimens in a unique way.

Fiona splits her time between her dogs, family and work, often working with artists and exhibiting locally and internationally.

You can read more about Fiona and her work on her website at: