About Editions, Releases and Pricing…

Original Artworks?

Purchasing an original artwork through Fiona’s Cabinet is an opportunity to own a unique piece of artwork, of which multiple editions exist.

When Fiona creates a new artwork she decides how many original editions of a piece will be created, these editions are then produced by her in ‘edition releases’ over the coming months / years.

NOTE: Some of the smaller pieces on Fiona’s Cabinet are unlimited signed editions, this is specified in the edition details.


Why do we do it like this?

  1. Insect Dissectology allows multiple pieces of the same artwork to be produced enabling us to offer Fiona’s art to more people, through more channels.
  2. Fiona is only one person!
    By (usually) limiting the number of editions released Fiona is able to continue to create new pieces from her mind full of ideas without the pressure to be constantly creating work to order.
  3. Species are limited!
    Sometimes it is just not possible to source enough of the correct specimens from ethical sources to allow constant production of pieces. We would rather wait and have pieces unavailable, than compromise this.


The Details

  • Editions:
    All Fiona Parkinson original artworks are made by Fiona and are limited edition. Information about the number of editions of each artwork can be found in the product details in the shop. The number of original editions available of each artwork varies from 1 to a maximum of 50. (excluding unlimited pieces)
  • Releases:
    The first few editions (typically 10 of a 50 edition artwork) are reserved for personal and gallery / exhibition use, the remainder become available for purchase at Fiona’s discretion through a series of edition releases. Releases usually include 5-10 editions, depending on availability of specimens (and Fiona!)
  • Pricing:
    The price of an original artwork is the same for each piece available in a release of editions. Once that release is complete new editions may become available in a future release, the price of which will usually increase by typically 20-40%.



Limited edition prints of a selection of Fiona’s work are usually available through Fiona’s Cabinet. These prints are produced professionally in high resolution on museum art paper.

The number of prints is limited to a maximum of (usually) 500 editions, a number of these are made available through Fionascabinet.com, others are reserved for use with galleries / outlets worldwide.