A Peace for Ukraine has been created as a response to recent events and is being auctioned with all funds raised will be given to the ChooseLove crisis appeal, read more about them and what they are doing by CLICKING HERE

This unique piece is made from real, stunning Blue Morpho and Orange Barred Sulphar butterflies!

“I doubt any of us have been able to avoid emotions over the events unfolding in Ukraine over the past couple of weeks. I have found it hard to have anything else on my mind and like many am stunned to watch what is unfolding and to see once again the fragility of our society and individual’s lives being laid bare.

As an artist my natural response to emotion is to create work and this has been the outcome of my last few days. It is so hard to see tragedy unfold in innocent peoples lives and feel like we are helpless, the problem is too large to make a difference. But I guess big problems like this are made up of millions of individuals with smaller problems, and if each of us can help solve just a handful of them we might, between us, make a difference.”

Please bid high, please share the link and encourage others to do the same!